• The App That Pays in So Many Ways

Mobile Apps are EXPLODING!

Now YOU can earn money by sharing mobile apps with others.

iLA (The Inspired Living Application) is a one of a kind, cutting edge mobile application company that makes it possible for the average person to profit from the exploding mobile application industry. iLA has done something that has never been done before. We have combined three multi-billion dollar industries to create a viral phenomenon that will help you to...

Get out of debt

Prepare for retirement

Have time freedom

Work from home on your own hours

iLA has a growing number of mobile apps to enjoy and share with others. Apps that give you a proven system to achieve financial success, inspire, encourage, and help save money.

With iLA it’s never been easier to make extra income on a part time basis. By simply sharing the app with others you can make an extra $500.00, $1,000.00, $2,500.00 a month or more. There's never been a better time to take advantage of the exploding mobile app industry.

You can be profitable in business
in your first 30 days


* The iLA Guarantee is based on following our success system. For more information see "The iLA Guarantee" document on the Info page.

See For Yourself!

Here is a sample of our growing video vault.

A Passion For Personal Development

In this segment John Rodgers, the President of iLA, defines the nature of personal development.

Learn & Earn

A quick look at the breadth of what iLA has to offer. And we are still just beginning.
  • "The way to grow is to immerse yourself in personal development, no better way than to have iLiving App iLA on the go. While you wait in line for your latte, at the grocery store, the gas station, before an interview… everyone has a few minutes to get inspired. This App is the ONE to have…"Brenda A. Helena, MT
  • "The first of a kind mobile app tailored to your own self empowerment! That’s awesome — and it pays you to better yourself in so many ways — in health and character building, business building techniques, and tactics to enhance your overall life. Just fantastic! I love it!John D, Edmonton, AL


The App That Pays in So Many Ways

iLA, The Inspired Living Application, is a one of a kind, mobile application that makes it possible for the average, every day person, to profit from the exploding mobile application industry. The iLA application delivers a high quality, professionally produced, personal development video to your mobile device on a weekly basis. With iLA you will receive practical information from top professionals in their fields on topics ranging from:

Goal setting
Time management
Personal development
Business development
Leadership development
Financial management
Personal motivation, and more

In addition to having content delivered to your mobile device you will have access to iLA’s ever expanding video archive. At your convenience, you can access iLA’s content rich library to review past videos and explore subjects that interest you. Even if you don’t have a mobile device you can still enjoy iLA from a traditional website and be encouraged to reach for new levels of excellence in your life.

With iLA you will regularly be encouraged, motivated, and inspired to achieve your goals, excel in business, relationships, health, and enjoy success in your life.

Along with fantastic content, iLA is the first and only mobile application that makes it possible for you to make money. With iLA’s matrix program (see the link, ‘The Compensation’) you can ....

Pay off debt
Prepare for retirement
Work from home
Enjoy more time with your family
Make your own hours
Be your own boss, and more



Your M.A.P. to financial success -- GUARANTEED.

A proven system to reach millionaire status in 3 to 5 years.

The Millionaire Acceleration Program is a powerful mobile application that features the time tested wealth generating system that Loral Langemeier has taught to thousands of people all over the world. The M.A.P. will show you step by step EXACTLY what to do to become a millionaire in 3 to 5 years. Many people don’t have the kind of financial success they desire for the simple reason that they don’t know the steps to take and don’t have the coaching to do so. Now with Loral Langemeier and the M.A.P. YOU can learn to act, think, and make money the way the wealthy do.

“Loral is the real deal... she actually makes millionaires.”
T. Harv Eker,
Author of the #1 bestseller
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

“I Personally know countless people who are millionaires today and credit Loral with their success..”
Bob Proctor,
Author of You Were Born Rich



Do you pay too much in taxes? If you’re a business owner the answer is, most likely, YES.

If you’re like 98% of business owners today you’re paying too much in taxes. The current tax code has gotten so complicated that unless you have specialized knowledge and extra time it’s almost impossible for you to take advantage of all the possible deductions that are available to you. Put simply, YOU’RE PAYING MORE TAXES THAN YOU NEED TO.

But not anymore with iLA Tax Shield, it’s never been easier to take advantage of all the tax deductions that are available to you as a business owner. iLA Tax Shield is a powerful mobile application that puts all of your tax deductions in the palm of your hand. At the tip of your fingers you can simply and easily record your business expenses, track your miles and more.

Manually tracking your expenses is a thing of the past. Now, when you swipe your bank card for any business purpose the information is automatically imported into iLA Tax Shield. Then you’ll be prompted right from your mobile device and you simply press a button to confirm that it’s a business expense.

Are you tired of writing your miles down for your business trips? Maybe you’ve gotten out of the habit of recording your miles all together. Now with iLA Tax Shield, it’s as simple as turning on your phone to automatically track your mileage.

Not only that, but iLA Tax Shield automatically formats your records so that you can simply and easily print your reports at the end of the year. Even if you don’t have a mobile device you can use any computer so it’s never been easier to keep the money that you earn.

With iLA Tax Shield and the power of the blue bar you can automatically keep track of what your business is doing for you. At one glance you can see your expenditures and how much your tax savings are.

As a business owner you’re in business to make a profit. Don’t let another day pass by while you’re paying out too much in taxes.

Shield yourself. Shield your business. Keep more of what you earn with iLA Tax Shield.

iLA Tax Shield is a separate application and can be purchased by an associate or a retail customer for just $9.95 a month.


iLA PREMIUM BUSINESS PACKAGE The most robust package of business tools ever assembled to help YOU build a business with mobile applications.


This Package Includes:

An Expanding Suite of Mobile Apps

We currently offer the iLA personal development application, the Millionaire Acceleration Program, and iLA Tax Shield. These apps will teach you how to build an enduring foundation for your professional life, while helping you to become the person you aspire to be.

4 Personalized Marketing Websites

With iLA you get a separate website that gives people information about each individual application. That way you have the ability to share our apps with someone without giving them information about the business opportunity. You also get a 4th website that is dedicated to sharing the business opportunity.

Online video marketing suite with text marketing platform

The online marketing suite is a scaled down version our complete online system. It’s a tremendous value that’s designed to help you get started in your business. Our starter system gives you the ability to have up to 25 people in your automated marketing system.

Customer Support

We recognize that you are the reason that iLA exists, and your success is the bedrock of our own. We work very hard to respond to your questions and concerns in a timely manner, and have multiple channels for you to reach us any time, any day.

24 / 7 Business Management Software

We searched the world over for the best tools to help you build and maintain your own business. These tools work alongside our suite of powerful apps to assure your success in any kind of professional venture.

Full Training System

We have many years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry and have crafted an easy-to-follow process that will guide you every step of the way. We provide this free of charge as part of our fierce commitment to your success.

Fully Willable and Sellable

With iLA you create an enduring enterprise that can be passed down to family members or sold to interested parties. The business is entirely yours, and you are the master of your destiny.


Here is an in-depth look at how our compensation plan works.

Why Choose iLA

Content Excellence

We travel the globe extensively, interviewing industry experts in their own domains.

Technical Expertise

Our technical team are themselves global leaders in design and development.

Proven System

Our system generated millions of dollars in its very first year. The system works.


We are first to market with an affiliate based app experience, and we're just getting started.

Explosive Potential

iLA sits at the crossroads of three explosive industries: Apps, Self Development, and Affiliate Marketing.

Great Value

Our packages offer a wealth of information and resources with no up-front cost beyond your initial monthly subscription.


“I saw that if the mobile application industry could be brought together with the personal development industry and be marketed through a network of independent associates that it could go viral in a way that has not been seen. With this in mind I created iLivingApp. iLivingApp is a company that wants to do all of this and more. I want to encourage people with hope, a hope that they can reach new levels of success in their life — a hope to improve relationships, achieve goals, be motivated, increase finances and break free from debt while working with an exciting, cutting edge technology. If these things excite you and give you hope then welcome to iLA!”

John Rodgers, President

Our Team

John Rodgers
John Rodgers
CEO and President, iLivingApp
As a student and teacher of personal development for over 25 years John brings years of experience to iLA. Having been a top producer in the field John has experience developing systems and tools to help the average person succeed in the industry. John is also a dynamic public speaker that has taught principles of achievement and leadership for 25 years.
Les Brown
World Renowned Speaker
As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is a dynamic personality and highly-sought-after resource in business and professional circles for Fortune 500 CEOs, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity. Addressing audiences as large as 80,000 people from Denmark to Dubai, Canada to the Caribbean, Les Brown is invited back again and again for his powerful message and the ability to connect deeply with people from all walks of life. It isn’t just his great smile and his way with words that motivates people to take action like never before; when people face roadblocks or adversity it is the depth of his knowledge on achievement that creates lasting results. While iLA offers videos from gifted speakers from all over the world we are proud to have Les as our main contributor.
Loral Langemeir
The Millionaire Acceleration Program
Loral is a multiple book best selling author, international key note speaker, and wealth coach. She has been featured on MSNBC, CNBC, Fox, CNBC, The Dr. Phil Show and more as a wealth creation expert. As the owner and founder of Live Out Loud Loral has taught over 2,000 people the practical steps on how to become a millionaire. She is widely regarded as one of today’s premier wealth coaches.

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